fine jewelry


Inthorn Fine Jewelry Manufacturer

Fine jewelry is all about quality and style, this is one market that poses challenges even for the seasoned jeweler. As a seller of fine jewelry, you would need a jewelry manufacturer with expertise in crafting the styles and designs that your customers desire. Choosing the right manufacturer will allow you to focus on the competitive market and keep track of rapidly changing trends. With intricate design details, various metal finishes and complex gem settings being the hallmark of fine jewelry, selecting a jewelry factory that is competent to fulfill such production requirements can be quite challenging. 

Backed by the most advanced jewelry production facility in Asia, Inthorn is perfectly geared to fulfill fine jewelry orders in medium to high volumes. Since even the most sophisticated equipment requires skilled craftsmen to deliver desired results, we scout and hire the finest craftsmen and artisans in the industry.  Internal training is provided on an ongoing basis, this keeps the craftsmen updated with new technology and processes. The production environment in our jewelry factory symbolizes the convergence of the best human expertise and sophisticated technology, to comfortably execute the most complex jewelry requirements. 

Each order and every production detail is monitored using a completely integrated system. Trained managers use the valuable information gathered by the system, to ensure a smooth flow in the production process. It is this comprehensive approach to jewelry production, that enables Inthorn to consistently deliver fine quality jewelry as per agreed time schedules.