Diamond Jewelry Factory


Diamond Jewelry Factory

To succeed in the wide and competitive market for diamond jewelry, you need to have the backing of a competent factory to manufacture your diamond jewelry. The intricacies of the market offer a great challenge but can also place significant demands on your precious time. The success of your business would depend on the right choice for a diamond jewelry factory, so make sure that you make a thorough evaluation before taking a decision. In this report, we briefly highlight the reasons why Inthorn should be one of your top choices when choosing a diamond jewelry factory. 

Our factory is designed and structured to craft fine jewelry, this differentiates us from the large number of Thai jewelry factories that are set up to produce jewelry for mass markets.  The advanced production equipment at the factory is matched by the talents and skills of some of the finest artisans in the industry. The setting process for diamonds can be as complex and intricate as the design itself. It takes a pair of expert hands to do an immaculate diamond set even with, the most sophisticated tools and equipment. Continuous investment in training helps the craftsmen polish their skills and makes them feel comfortable using the latest technology. 

Inthorn quality control procedures are designed to be proactive and we therefore, do not rely merely on an end of production quality check to identify problems. By deploying stringent quality standards right through the production process, corrective actions are initiated at the point where a problem occurs. This approach drastically reduces the chances of delayed deliveries and ensures that your marketing plans move on schedule. While the importance of on time delivery cannot be over emphasized,  it is even more critical in the case of diamond jewelry where the investment in stones and metal can often be substantial.  

The entire production process in the factory is monitored using a fully integrated computerized system. With data captured at every point of operation, there is little room for errors and delays. The implementation of tight controls across the production line results in an efficient cost structure. This is precisely how we maintain high quality standards despite our competitive price structure. 

Being generally associated with the higher price bracket of the jewelry market, diamond jewelry offers relatively steady demand and is not overly sensitive to economic factors. However to make an impact in this dazzling market , you need to actively follow trends and swings in fashion. Team up with our diamond jewelry factory and you will get a seasoned helping hand to maneuver, the challenges that unfold. By staying updated with the rapidly changing trends and twists in style and preference, we have a lot to offer in terms of constructive ideas and suggestions. 

The variations in diamond grades. colors, sizes, shapes and cuts are many and this, leads to a virtually unlimited range of combinations. Most diamond dealers have sharpened their diamond sourcing skills to a fine art. It is therefore no surprise that a significant proportion of what we produce in our diamond jewelry factory, is crafted with diamonds supplied by our clients. We are open to design options so, you could rely on our inspired designers to come up with suggestions or, let us work with some of your own glittering ideas.