jewelry factory inthorn


Jewelry Factory Inthorn, Thailand

With a level of technical sophistication that has previously been unheard of in Thailand, Inthorn is today fully geared to manufacture fine jewelry in gold and 925 sterling silver.  The jewelry factory in Thailand is situated in Nakhon Pathom province which is about 50km from Bangkok. By providing the latest technology in jewelry production to highly skilled artisans, we manufacture jewelry that is readily accepted in quality conscious markets across the globe. A high degree of control is maintained across the entire production line using, a fully integrated system. This ensures consistent quality and on time delivery schedules even for large production volumes. 

The artisans at Inthorn bring in expertise in a wide range of styles. This means that, clients need not work with multiple jewelry manufacturers to fulfill their entire merchandising plan. Intricate design features and complicated gem settings can enhance the perceived value of a jewel and this, is something that can be easily executed by our production team.  

Inthorn Thailand Jewelry Factory: