Thai Jewellery Factory


Thai Jewellery Factory

Inthorn is a leading Thai jewellery factory, our team of skilled artisans craft fine jewellery aided by some of the most sophisticated production technology. While it is not very difficult to find a jewellery factory in Thailand, we at Inthorn outpace the competition in terms of expertise, talent, quality and infrastructure. By hand picking the finest talents to work in one of Asia's best equipped jewellery factories, we made sure that we brought together craftsmen and artisans with a wide range of skills.

We at Inthorn can fulfill even the most challenging jewellery demands that our clients place on us. By making a smooth transition back and forth between, expert hand skills and sophisticated production tools, our craftsmen execute even the most complex design elements with professional ease. It is not very often that you will come across a jewellery factory in Thailand with expertise that extends over a wide range of styles, gemstones, metal effects and gem settings. The idea of working with one jewellery factory for all your production requirements makes it easy for you to coordinate and communicate, you can also rest assured that your quality check procedures are understood and implemented by our competent production managers. 

A computerized system captures details of every process performed on the production floor. Few jewellery factories in Thailand can boast of a production planning and monitoring system that, is geared to take both proactive and corrective measures to ensure that quality and delivery schedules are never compromised. 

As visualized by the forward thinking management at Inthorn, consistent delivery of quality jewellery cannot happen with a one time effort. Continuous training and keen interest in staff welfare is the best investment that we have made. Staff work in comfortable and safe conditions maintained in the factory, this helps lift their morale and keeps them in a stress free state of mind. Clean lunch  rooms with fresh and healthy food is provided to staff at all levels in Inthorn. Bottled water is provided through centrally installed water coolers for staff working in the office and on the production floor. Irrespective of the extent to which the production line is upgraded, it is always the skills and mind of the craftsmen that are indispensable to craft quality jewellery.

If you wish to work with a Thai jewellery factory that, takes care of all your production requirements without you having to worry about issues related to quality, technical details and delivery times - let's get to know each other. The Inthorn approach to jewellery manufacturing has been appreciated by quality conscious jewellery sellers across the globe, we invite you to experience the same.