Manufacturer Of Gold Rings


Gold Rings Manufacturer

Backed by the finest technology for jewelry production and a team of talentedartisans and professionals who are passionate about their work, Inthorn would surely rank as one of the top gold ring manufacturers in the industry. 

Complex design specifications and intricate gem settings and metal finishes are regular features in all fine jewelry and this, includes gold rings. Our jewelry factory is comfortable manufacturing rings with a classic or contemporary touch. Jewelry sellers with a wide market reach and requirements for variety in terms of design concepts, can rely on us for all their requirements. 

Gold rings can be manufactured with designs drawn from our collection, we can also work with designs developed by our clients. Consultants with decades of design experience working for Inthorn, can develop unique single piecedesigns or entire collections for our clients. 

As a fully equipped gold jewelry manufacturer, we are conversant with quality standards expected in various global markets. Skilled quality control experts in our factory undergo training on a regular basis and this, keeps them constantly updated with the latest qualitystandards and customer expectations. 

Besides giving importance to beauty and quality for all gold rings that we manufacture, we are also highly committed to making deliveries as per the agreed time frame. A fully integrated system that was tailor made for our production facility, keeps track of every activity that happens on the production floor. 

Jewelry takes on a new dimension when encrusted with gems and diamonds. We are one of the very few gold ring manufacturers, to place absolutely no limitation on design features and gem selection. While gem and diamond procurement is something that we can easily handle, we are also open to the idea of manufacturing gold rings with stones provided by the client. 

Given the high price of gold, it is necessary to choose gold rings that, fall within price ranges specified by the client. We can control the production process to, work precisely within gold weight requirements stipulated by the client. Options for 9k, 10k, 14k and 18k gold also make it possible to manufacture gold rings for specific price points. 

Contact our support team to discuss how you can better respond to market trends, by manufacturing your gold rings at the Inthorn jewelry factory in Thailand.