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What's going on at Inthorn and the industry, this is where we post all that interesting content. Info and views related to gems, jewelry, styles that made it big and issues that are hot and trending.

The Responsible Jewellery Council

Inthorn Company Limited has implemented our business practices and operations based on fair, ethical and equitable practices,

Inthorn has an edge over other jewelry factories when it comes to the manufacture of gold rings, learn why ... read.

The 'Hug & Click' gold earring collection from Inthorn is a symbol of style and research excellence ... read

The advanced jewelry plating system at Inthorn, combines quality with environmental responsibility ... read.

Another great example of Inthorn innovation and research, these 'Hug & Click' gem and diamond earrings are stylish and long lasting ... read

Choisir le bon fabricant permettra de vous concentrer sur le marché concurrentiel et de garder trace ... plus.